Congratulations for taking the first step towards YOUR financial freedom by joining as a profit sharing partner with Ambit Energy!!

The First Important task is to WRITE DOWN your GOAL, and your VISION
Next start an "Action Plan" to work with an Active Ambit Mentor.
Without this your business WILL NOT be successful!

Can I ask you these 4 simple but CRITICAL questions:

1. What are your Goals, Dreams and Desires for Joining Ambit Energy as Marketing Consultant?
2. When do you want to achieve these Goals ( like 6 to 12 month or 2 to 3 years to make $$$ )
3. What are you wiling to do to achieve the goal (weekly time commitment for building the business, Remember that there is NO FREE LUNCH!! Everyone has to do some work).
4. What is your action plan to achieve the goal with the time you have? Do you an active mentor?

Can I challenge you to send me your answers?
if so send them in the comments box below: